Nice to meet you! And thank you for your interest.

Let me introduce myself. I am Annie, a young bubbly world wise girl. Some call me nerdy, goofy, quirky and crazy. But hey! They can all laugh about my jokes, so it cannot be too bad?!

So that is what I based my business on. Making fun products that have a story, that tell intelligent jokes. Products that you can relate to and want to keep and not throw out of the window.

I like to make the uncool cool. And with that the world a little bit better. It gives me great joy to see people have a good time with my products…anyhow, I hope you will like it too!

Barbel Coasters

I am not a drinker myself, I am a lightweight you know. But of course I want to hang out with my friends and have fun. So I made this coaster set for those “heavy drinkers”

Client: t.b.d.

Micro Brews

Coochie cooh, dadaaaa, yup that is the sound my little cousin Som How makes.

He is so adorable, I had to make him something. And as he always hangs out with the cool crowd I figured I wanted to make him part of the gang. His own Sippy Stein form which he can drink his own Micro Brews.

Client: Bitten

Dino Ruler

I was never a math genius, I admit. So staring out and dreaming I looked at my rulers and couldn't help but see a T-rex in my calipher. And as we all know Dino's ruled the world!

Lunch Tin

Lunch Time! my favorite time of the day! opening my bento box and having a moment for myself. And of course my mind wanders away, turning the world upside down. And my food container into a giant Sardine tin. Let’s hope Stevie now stops stealing my lunch!

Client: Bitten

Bumblebee Push Pin

Guess what?! I got stung by this giant bumblebee on vacation in Koh Samui. But I wouldn't be Annie if I wouldn't put it to good use. Let those stingy dudes do something useful. And Bumblebee push pins were born...

Planter Palls

I admit, only succulents and cacti manage to survive my not so green thumb. So as reminder to myself I made some cute little planters with some motivating texts on them.

Fingers crossed I now no longer forget to water them.

Client: t.b.d

Cacti Timer

I might have mentioned it before, Cacti or succulents are the only plants I can keep alive. So naturally when I dropped my kitchen timer and killing it it was time for something I couldn’t kill. Say hi Cactus Timer. A little joyful timer that actually looks stylish on the counter.

Client: Fred and Friends

Trunk coasters

I might have mentioned my frequent parties. And what better way to share a drink with my ladies. So for my cute American friend Jane Dough I made her a darn cute coaster. Looking amazing in her log cabin I’d think.

Client: Bitten

Oar Spatula

Next to my Jollybee chicken I would say my second favorite food group is hamburgers. And I make a pretty good one myself if I might say so. And of course my mind wanders off and while looking around I feel I am missing something. A fun and stylish spatula. So there you got it, the Oar spatula, because why not?

Client: Bitten

Pineapple coasters

Ok ok, I admit, I made a mess out of it. In the kitchen (why are always all parties ending up in the kitchen?) I mistakenly put my glass on a slice of pineapple. But I wouldn’t be Annie if some great idea would come of it. I am pleased to introduce you; pineapple coasters.

Client: Bitten

Food Fight Timer

One word: “food fight”, ok maybe that’s two. But it was what came to mind when I was cooking and my little brother starting to throw his Congee on the floor. So he got a time out and boom Time out + Food fight = Kitchen timer

Client: TBD

Sewage Pipe Straw

I can tell you many stories, but this one was too gross to share... But just imagine, a sewage pipe and me drinking a coke... with a straw... and a mess.